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The Fairfield County Story Lab is a shared workspace and business incubator exclusively for writers and creatives. 

We offer clean, comfortable and amazing space; professional community; and a host of free workshops, events and amenities designed to keep you productive, creative, connected and profitable.

The Lab is an affordable and appealing alternative to sharing generic office space or coffee-shop counters with people who do not understand the unique needs and wishes of writers, and to working at home. Plus, we offer workshops, training and events to help you master your craft and grow your business.

We are open seven days a week, from 4 a.m. to 1 a.m. FC Story Lab members can enter the building at their convenience, using their unique passcode. 

We provide free coffee, tea, candy and WiFi, as well as a refrigerator and microwave in our cafe.


Our space, in the Saugatuck section of Westport, Connecticut, is in walking distance to great restaurants and bars, coffee shops, grocery stores and more. We are located one block from the Westport train station -- ideally situated for your meetings with New York colleagues, clients and agents.


Alex McNab
Journalist, Novelist
Will Lee
Animator, Video Game Writer, Fantasy Novelist
Sue Sabia
Short-Story Writer, Pushcart Prize Nominee

For writers, “A clean, well-lighted place” no longer is simply the title of an acclaimed classic short story. It is the definition of the Fairfield County Story Lab in Westport—a new, welcoming and nurturing location in which to write your own story, novel, essay, poem or other piece. Take it from one who has made great progress on his manuscript here: The Fairfield County Story Lab offers a unique combination of the quiet privacy you need to concentrate and the inspiring energy of fellow creative writers working nearby.

The Fairfield County Story Lab is a comfortable writing space with plenty of room to find your own little niche. I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for somewhere to disconnect for a few hours and focus on their writing!

I love writing here! At home, I’m comfortable, but chores and phone calls pull me away all the time. At the Fairfield County Story Lab, I can write sitting on a couch as if I were in my living room, or sitting at a desk as if I’m in an office -- but there isn’t a load of laundry to be washed or a dog to be walked. Plus, I’m not alone, so if I have a question about something I’ve written there are fellow writers who can help or at least sympathize with my dilemma. Writing is such an isolated endeavor and with the Story Lab I can write in good company.

A Room of One's Own,

 Joy Of


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