We offer several options, from $40 for a one-day pass to less than $10 a day for in-person All-Access. Select the one that works for you.

The Story Lab welcomes writers, editors and creatives. While many Story Lab members write/edit/create professionally, it is not a requirement. Professional and aspirational screenwriters, scriptwriters, journalists, novelists, bloggers, playwrights, memoirists, copywriters, songwriters, poets, editors, video producers, podcasters, bloggers, songwriters and more -- you are welcome in our community. We are LGBTQ-friendly and welcome all members of the human race.

Here's how it works: Schedule a tour (you have to schedule it because the door is always locked for security reasons), fill out the application below, and then you get approved. Then you pay for your membership, sign an agreement in which you promise not to do anything illegal, etc., and you get your unique code that gets you in the door. We're not like the gym. If, for whatever reason, your membership isn't working out, you can cancel with 30 days' notice, no questions asked. (Well, we might ask, because we're curious and always want to keep improving.) Due to COVID, we have sanitary measures in place which must be followed. If you do not follow them, you will be asked to leave and your fee will be forfeited.

Note: For many writers, membership in the Fairfield County Story Lab is tax-deductible. Consult with your tax adviser.
To schedule a tour, send us a note at or give us a call at (203) 374-8343.

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