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About Us

The Fairfield County Story Lab was established in 2019 by writers, for writers. We appreciate community; a clean, safe and reliable space; the respectful, meaningful exchange of ideas; a place to learn, grow and thrive with other writers; and free coffee and WiFi. 


Co-founder Carol Dannhauser is a journalist and editor whose work crosses many genres and mediums. Co-founder Diane Salerno is a poet, essayist and property expert who directed the Fairfield University Accelerator and Mentoring Enterprise, an incubator for start-ups.

If you can't find Carol writing at the Lab, she is either on assignment somewhere, or teaching, or eating at one of the amazing restaurants within walking distance of the Lab.

If you can't find Diane writing at the Lab, she is working on a real estate deal, or coming to the rescue of somebody with a start-up.

We are located on the fourth floor of 21 Charles Street in Westport, the building known to locals as the one with the weird sculpture on it that you can see from the train. When we find out the nature of that sculpture, we'll fill you in.

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