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The Fairfield County Story Lab was founded by writers, for writers. We understand that different writers appreciate different types of working environments and working hours. We have tremendous space, and we can accommodate your style! We're open 365 days a year, from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.



   It's like your favorite coffee shop, but the coffee and tea are free and you can stay all day without anyone giving you the snake eye to leave. If you want company, you can chit-chat at the tables with other writers. Or you can hop up on a barstool and gaze out of the floor-to-ceiling windows and ponder. Nobody will bug you because, while non-writers might think you're just chilling, we know better. Feel free to use the (clean!) fridge and microwave, or help yourself to a snack.


Quiet Rooms


   Shhh. No phones, no food, no talking. No kids, no music, no pets. No chores, no bossy bosses. Hunker down solo at a desk of your own, or work alongside other writers, all creating, in silence. Put your feet up on comfy leather chairs and couches, or get down to business at sleek office chairs and desks. Or work at our stand-up desk. Yeah, we have that too.  

Community Room/Library


   Looking for inspiration from magazines, professional journals, literary journals, books and more? Want to settle in to work in a cozy, New England-library setting (it's not there yet, but it's coming!)? Read, write, or share with other thinkers and writers. Connect with others in your profession or genre for industry-specific networking events and workshops. Or drop in for Rough Draught Night, Book Trivia Night and more and meet others in our community.

Storyboard Room


   We know that sometimes you and your creative teammates meet up online because you don't want everybody in your house. (Plus, you're too loud at Starbucks.) Bring everybody to the Lab! You and your fellow screenplay writers or TV script-writing partners or ad copy-creators can work around the table, or sketch out your stories on the walls in a special room created just for you. Go ahead and write on the walls. They're erasable!

Deadline Room


   Deadline looming? No need to barricade yourself in your basement or book a room in a hotel somewhere. We've got a great spot for you: Your own office with desks, windows and a door that locks, hidden in the corner of our quiet section. There is plenty of room to spread out with no distractions, and your own key. (Available to members only, reserved in advance. Extra charge of $100 per week, plus security deposit.)

Interview Room


   Need to interview your sources, talk business with your agent, work out the next day's shoot with your PAs or do whatever it is you need to do on the phone in private with your stuff all around you? We get that. That's why we created a comfortable office just for you, with a desk that's big enough for all your stuff, a door you can close, an ergonomic chair to keep you comfortable during long conversations, and plenty of privacy. (Available to members only, reserved in advance in 90-minute blocks. No extra charge.)


Phone Room


   Time to check in with your kids, the doctor, your partner, your boss? Don't want to share your business with everyone around you? (Please, don't.) You can duck into the phone room and have a conversation in private, without the whole world thinking you're a bad parent for bribing your kids with video games.



   Sometimes you don't want to schlep your stuff with you when you go out for a walk or a bite during your workday. Feel free to lock it up at the Lab. Lockers are available for day use for free! 


Outdoor Space


   The Fairfield County Story Lab is located a block from the Fairfield train station, in downtown Fairfield, and a mile from the beach. You can stretch your legs and stroll to the bookstore or the shops, or duck out the door for great food and driink directly in our complex. 

Check out our pictures. Better yet, call for a tour and see for yourself! 
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