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Quiet Room

A room with a view.

Spread Out

There's plenty of space (and great WiFi) for everyone.

Yes, Please

Snacks at Literary Game Night.

The Quiet Room

Spread out in the Quiet Room. It's peaceful, spacious, clean, welcoming

Time for Jeopardy

What are character names, book titles and more?

Stand Tall

Tired of sitting? Yes, we have a stand-up desk!

Grab a Table

Feel free to spread out. We've got plenty of space.

Still Life

Rocker, coffee, cookie, novel.


No one will talk in here. We promise.

Write on the Walls

Graphic novelists, screenwriters, scriptwriters, playwrights -- yes, you can write on the walls of the Storyboard Room, and yes, you can invite your writing team.

Writers Unite!

Write your words. Feed your soul!

Short-Story Sue

Yes, she's a Pushcart nominee.

Get Comfy

We have cozy leather chairs, desk chairs, stand-up desks and more!


Table for eight? Tables for two? Counter seating overlooking beautiful Saugatuck? We've got you covered.

Chat and Connect

Need an agent? Want to work through your plot? We get it. Take a break and talk to your people about writing.

Need Inspiration?

We have plenty of reading material. Take a break and catch up on what's happening, or get lost in great stories.

"Just Hit Send"

Memoirists ponder possible publications for their personal essays at our FREE "Just Hit Send" pizza party.

Coffee? Tea?

We've got it. And it's free.

Community Room

One of the most popular spots in the Lab.


Free coffee, tea and snacks in the cafe, 21 hours a day!

Community Room
Quiet, Please!

No one will bug you in the quiet rooms, promise!

Kick Off Your Shoes

Yes, you can put your feet up on the couch.

Literary Game Night

Put some fun in your third Thursdays each month!

Deadline Room

Yes, you can have a FREE cookie. They're always in the freezer!

Ready, Set, Go!

Need some inspiration? Westport novelist Tessa Smith McGovern hosts FREE Writing Sprints each Tuesday.

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